Kinetiser Cooking System

Kinetiser Cooking System

Technical Specification

Voltage - 230 V.a.c/50 Hz
Power Consumption - 200 Watts to 900 Watts
Ampere - 4 AMP
Weight - 2.2 KG
Temperature - 50°C to 350°C
Plate Dia - 195 Ø mm

Solid State Voltage Control Circuit


  • Complete Replacement To Cooking Gas & Other Cooking Range.
  • Compact, Portable & Heavy Duty.
  • Pollution Free, Nutritional Value retained.
  • Milk Does Not Spill Over At Specified Temperature.
  • Less Electricity Consumption.
  • Cooking System is Fully Shock Proof.
  • Economical Camparative To Gas & Any Other Cooking Range.
  • It Can Be Used As Oven To Make Cake, Pizzas, Biscuits, Etc.
  • It Can Make Dishes Like Roti, Fulka, Dal, Rice, Vegetables, Etc.
  • It Keeps Food Warm & Fresh As Long As You Want.

Now Tempeture Control Is In Your Hand

Certificate & Patent


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